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DPI Solar has been designing and installing the most efficient and effective solar installations at the lowest prices since 2007. We’re an Oregon company owned and operated by Oregonians. We still honor the simple hand shake and always strive to give our customer more than they expect.

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Josh Kopczynski

Josh Kopczynski

Josh Kopczynski founded DPI Solar in 2007 to bring solar to homes and businesses in Oregon

Josh started work as an electrician in 1999, and he’s been installing solar since 2006. What makes Josh and the team at DPI Solar different?

  • Josh Kopczynski, the owner of DPI Solar, is a licensed electrician. While some competitors are run by sales people and subcontract the installation, all DPI Solar installations are performed by DPI Solar employees.

  • DPI Solar is locally owned (our office is in Sherwood) and not an out-of-state conglomerate.

  • If others say it can’t be done, we’ll find a way:

    • All roof types (composition, metal, membrane, cedar)

    • Adjustable and fixed ground mount

    • Non-prescriptive installations like pole barns and homes without engineered trusses

    • Hybrid battery installations

  • DPI Solar designs your solar project, has detailed knowledge of the entire system, and is responsible for the system, end-to-end. Because all of the work is done by DPI Solar employees, if there’s ever a problem, we’ll fix it. Other companies may have to hire someone even to investigate customer issues.

  • While Energy Trust of Oregon requires only a 2 year warranty on the entire system (panels, wiring, any structural modifications, roof leaks, monitoring, etc), we warranty the entire system for 10 years.

  • We’re committed to strong customer service and are A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau.

What is DPI Solar’s mission?

  • We’re passionate about bringing solar energy to Oregon as an important component in clean energy and energy independence

  • We help homeowners and businesses lower their costs through solar.

  • We take our expertise seriously and recognize the need to share with the community:

    • We take the time to inform customers about how solar works and how it can work for them.

    • We provide continuous training to our electricians to keep them current and help them advance in their careers.

    • Josh works with your inspectors and has provided training to various jurisdictions.

  • We give back to the community:

    • Donated and installed solar for Dignity Village

    • Donated substantially to local high school sports

    • Sponsored youth sports teams

    • Donated a 4 kW solar installation to Scotty’s Playhouse.

What’s unique about how DPI Solar works with customers?

  • We’ll design a solar project for your unique needs, location and budget. We won’t try to force-fit a pre-packaged solution.

  • We look at your home’s energy usage and suggest other improvements that may be less expensive than solar. If solar isn’t the right answer, we’ll say so.

  • We collaborate with customers to find a great solution while minimizing cost. For example, we’ll design the smallest - and least costly - system that will meet your goals.

  • 80% of our projects come in under budget.

  • We’re not a high-pressure sales organization. We won’t give a quote over the phone or without learning about your specific situation. And we’re not going to exaggerate your savings by making assumptions we can’t control.

  • Finally, a handshake is still a good agreement. It’s not what most people expect nowadays, but we’ll start the work on a handshake.


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