Significantly lower your company’s operating costs

  • Save 30% or more on facility operating costs

  • 30% Federal tax credit

  • 100% depreciation in year 1

  • Add value to your company’s property

  • Reduce or eliminate demand and peak power charges

  • Monetize acreage or roof space that’s not currently generating revenue

  • Produces clean, green power for 30 years


Sun over tree-covered hills.

Solar is great for the environment


Even in the Pacific Northwest, we get at least 15% or our electrical power from coal, and another 28% from natural gas.

  • A solar installation sets you apart from your competitors

  • Solar reduces your business’s carbon footprint

  • Each year, generating 150,000 kWh saves the same amount of carbon dioxide as planting almost 3000 trees. (Source: EPA)



DPI Solar has impressive commercial experience

Since 2007

  • DPI Solar has installed 500 solar systems in Oregon

  • 25,000 solar panels installed

  • 6.6 million kWh generated by DPI Solar-installed systems


Community solar Image from NREL.

Community solar Image from NREL.

Community Solar

Community Solar lets you generate revenue from unused property. By adding solar to properties or rooftops, you can sell the generated power to other businesses or residences. Please call us at (503) 857 - 0099 to find out whether Community Solar is a good fit for your property.

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